As a small business owner starting up, you may question why it is necessary to go through a lengthy application process for the registration of your Trademark – particularly if you’ve already conducted a search and found no matches to your desired brand or it all just seems “too hard”.

However, registering your trademark early in the product life cycle and understanding the benefits of this compared to the consequences associated with operating under a non registered trademark could save you both time and money.

A registered trademark will provide:

  • A brand with full ownership rights including the right to sue, licence or sell the trademark.
  • Action can readily be taken for infringement of a registered trademark that is the same or similar in your industry.
  • Protection of your brand for 10 years with no further fees payable until the end of that period.

On the other hand, Trademarks used without registration:

  • Have no ownershiprights in the name.
  • If action is taken against someone using the same (or a similar) trademark, evidence is required to support such action.
  • You could be sued for trademark infringement and even lose your business.

Don’t spend years of hard work establishing your business only to find one of your competitors has copied your brand. Work with a Growth Protection Strategist/Trademark Specialist who works with business owners every day to grow and protect their names, logos and/or taglines through trade mark registration. At Pinnacle TMS, we will provide you with the options and strategies you may not be aware of to achieve the best results for your business.

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