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Trademark Secrets – 21 Tips To Keeping Your Brand Safe!

#1 Best selling Amazon Author – Suzanne Harrington

When it comes to trademark infringement, what you don’t know CAN hurt you! This book answers the 10 most asked questions on trademarking your brand for business names or product names.

If you have not asked these questions, then you need to! Protecting your brand – can you afford to trade without it? For non-IP lawyers, accountants and business advisors, this book is a handy reference tool, in easy to understand language, which is a must have for your clients.

Find out the answers to questions like:
What is a Trademark?
Is a Trademark the same as a Business Name?
What Happens if I don’t Register my Brand as a Trademark?
If I Register my Brand in one country is it covered around the world?
Read what happened to business owners when they did not ask the right questions.
How to avoid being sued for Trademark Infringement.
21 Tips to Keeping your Brand for your business or your product SAFE!