Pinnacle TMS

Trade Mark Management

If you currently have a trade mark portfolio and are looking to outsource the management of that work to ensure a consistent approach to your brands, we also provide this service. This leaves you free to focus on your core services while we give you peace of mind to make sure deadlines are not overlooked.

Suzanne is our go to person when we need to trade mark or renew a name. She has successfully registered our trade marks both in Australia and in the US and also recently renewed one of our trade marks keeping us up to date on progress, giving us peace of mind. We know when we ask Suzanne to register a trade mark, we will benefit from her knowledge of the trade mark system and her expertise in getting the best registration for our brand. We would highly recommend her services.

Sam Taleb

Trade Mark Renewals

Trade marks are registered for a period of 10 years. Six months prior to the renewal deadline if registration is still required, it will be necessary to file an application to renew. If you provide us with the detail of the trade mark or trade marks to be renewed, we can assist with this procedure. On completion of the renewal procedures your trade mark/s will be registered for a further period of 10 years. TIMEFRAME: Within 6 months from due date of renewal.

Trade Mark Assignments

We can help you with recording changes of ownership of trade marks if, for instance you acquire a trade mark/marks from another owner.

TIMEFRAME :Within 2 months of filing relevant documents.

Change of Registered Details

We can help you with recording changes of name and/or address of the owner of a trade mark/marks to ensure the correct details are on the Trade Marks Office database records.

TIMEFRAME: Within 2 months of filing relevant documents.