Whilst many may think a trademark is nothing more than a symbol attached to your business name, there are a number of reasons that trademarks are an important necessity for your business.


Having a registered trademark is one the greatest assets of a business. Pinnacle TMS share the top reasons to why Australian business owners should recognise the importance and significance of a registered business trademark.


  1. By registering your trademarked business name you are securing exclusivity and significantly reducing the risk of being prevented from using your name or logo by other traders.
  2. A trademark is important as it allows for geographical coverage both nation-wide and internationally. Registering a trademark is particularly important if you are looking to expand overseas and provides a solid platform to obtain rights in other countries before commencing trade.
  3. By registering a trademark you are deterring and preventing others from using trademarks that are similar or identical to yours. This gives you legal rights if others choose to copy your trademark.
  4. A trademark is also becoming increasingly important as it provides protection from infringement claims and also allows business owners to control the use of your brand by others.


At Pinnacle TMS we think that the most important reason that many businesses are choosing to trademark is to capture the value of what they have created. By registering your trademark, a business significantly increases the value of the brand to potential customers.


It is important for business owners to trademark in today’s global economy, as it will protect you in the future.  We have registered trademarks for many Australian businesses and we ensure that it is done in the correct way. Call us today on +61 2 9520 4366 to speak to us about registering a trademark or send us an email at info@pinnacletms.com.au.