Do you think you know everything there is to know about trade mark registration? With all the different rules and research that needs to be done, Pinnacle TMS has compiled a list of four things you might not know about trade marks in Australia:

  1. What is a trade mark – A trade mark is a word, phrase, symbol or logo image that distinguishes your products and services from competitors’ in the marketplace. A trade mark can even be a smell, tagline or number.
  2. The rights of the owner of a registered trade mark – In Australia, the registration of a trade mark gives the owner the right to use their trade mark exclusively throughout Australia. It provides the owner with the right to take legal action against another entity that trades off their trade mark reputation, and the registration lasts for a decade.  Renewal of a registration can be readily obtained for further 10 year periods.
  3. Trade mark symbols – The ™ symbol can mean ‘trade mark pending’ while the symbol ® indicates that the trade mark or brand is a fully registered trade mark.
  4. Australia joined the Madrid Protocol in 2001 – This protocol provides Australians with a simpler and more cost effective way of obtaining trade mark protection overseas.

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