Small business owners may often question the need for a trademark. When looking to minimise costs to maximise profits, the time and effort they perceive to be required in trademarking your business, may seem like just too much.

But imagine walking down the street and seeing your business/brand nameon the front of a competitor’s business premises or see your business or product name on a competitor’s website? The time and effort you spent in building your brand and image suddenly doesn’t compare to the time and effort of trademarking. If another business is operating under the name of your small business and they have already trademarked the name, this could spell serious trouble for you.

Unless you have been using the brand for some time and have acquired a reputation in the brand, you don’t have rights of ownership you would with a trademark registration. You can even be put out of business by this competitor telling you to stop using their name!

This situation happens every day and highlights the importance of trademarking your company’s brand or product name early in the product lifecycle to maximise your protection. There are two main ways you can work to prevent this from happening to you:

  1. Check For Other Trademarks

Before you start using or filing a trademark application for your own product or brand name, it is very important to know if someone else already owns a trademark for that name or something similar in your industry.  With literally thousands of trademarks in existence in Australia and new applications being filed every day, acquiring the help of a professional trademark specialist can be critical in filtering the research, saving time and helping you understand exactly what you need. This step can help you avoid being sued for trademark infringement.

  1. Filing For Trademark Rights

Accurately completing documentation required for registering trademarks is a tedious and complicated task. While it is possible to do this on your own, the assistance of a trademark specialist is there to prevent ‘rookie errors’ from being made and ensures you are provided with the best protection available. This step can help you avoid being under protected or over protected – both leading to problems for your brand down the track.

To receive professional trademark assistance and have your trademark registered as quickly as possible with the right cover, give Suzanne Harrington from Pinnacle TMS a call today on 0425 558 867.  It just might be the phone call that “saves” your business!