A trademark is used to distinguish the goods and services of one trader from those of another. It is a right that is usually granted for a business name or logo, but can also be expanded to encompass a letter, number, word, phrase and much more.

Once this is trademarked, this gives the owner exclusive rights. When another attempts to use these trademarked names, words or phrases for example, the owner may assert their legal rights and the user will be left on the short end of a legal hassle if they choose to fight for continued usage of the original trademark.

With trademarking presenting such a serious issue, it’s no wonder many are finding amusement in the latest trademarking news to hit the media as Taylor Swift attempts to trademark popular phrases and lyrics from her recent album, 1989. Phrases which have now become iconic and widely-used, including “Nice to meet you, where you been?’ “This sick beat” and “Could show you incredible things” are some of the latest trademark applications filed by Swift.

Some may argue this is an international figure egotistically claiming her territory against fellow artists, however it is likely Swift is getting trademarked for the good of her fans.

By turning into trademarks lyrics from her popular album into trademarks, the singer probably intends to discourage businesses from profiting from unauthorised merchandise by appealing to fans of the album.

Whilst this presents an economically and time straining option for any business owner or public figure, Taylor Swift is willingly going the extra mile to prove her loyalty and respect for her avid fans.

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