Registering your trademark prior to establishing and running your business can make a world of difference. On the other hand, failure to do so could lead to two possible undesirable situations:



The first possible scenario is that you discover later down the track – mid-operations – that you need to change your business’s brand or products. This is because, too often, business owners use what they believe to be a new and original business name, only to receive a letter months or even years later, informing them that they are legally required to stop using the name as a competitor has already acquired the trademark.

Efforts must then be shifted towards rebranding to avoid being sued. This news can be devastating for those who have invested their time, energy, money and love into creating a brand – only to be forced to let it all go and start over.



Now, let’s jump over the fence here. To have a competitor ‘steal’ your brand or business reputation can also be devastating, especially for smaller businesses.

Without the protection of a registered trademark, it can be extremely difficult (not to mention costly) to defend your business reputation or brand in court. There is always the risk that you will not win and whoever is trading off your business’s reputation will continue to do so.

Avoid both of these scenarios easily through trademarking research and registration

To avoid both scenarios, Pinnacle TMS recommends that all business owners have a specialist conduct a thorough search of the Trademarks Office Database Register BEFORE establishing and running their businesses.

Trademarking your logo, brand or product offers full protection under the law, preventing competitors from using your trademark and trading off your business’s reputation.

Trademarking your business can appear to be deceptively simple online – but be wary. Contact the experienced trademarking specialists today at Pinnacle TMS on +61 2 9520 4366 to gain expert trademark insight, advice and assistance.