I’m always letting clients know that there are plenty of companies trying to say they will register or renew your trade mark BUT unless they come from your Trade Mark Specialist or lawyer BEWARE!     

A client, who’s brand we protected eight years ago, contacted me and asked why she was receiving a second renewal notice.  While neither notice came from us, she was concerned that she had paid the first notice and now there was another one.  I’m listening to this and alarm bells are going off in my head “Oh No”.     

I searched the Australian Register for her and the mark had not been renewed.  In fact, it was not due to be renewed for another 2 years!  She had been at the receiving end of a SCAM and had paid at least AU$1000.00 more than she needed to for renewing her registration and got nothing.  She couldn’t believe it was a scam because it looked so real!

Most of these notices come from Europe but others have an ‘office’ here in Australia and this company was one of those.  I suggested she contact the Australian Department of Fair Trading Office to see if she could get her money back.  While there may be a slim chance, often with overseas companies there is definitely no way of getting any money or any renewal.

My client has learned a hard lesson and will have to pay for the renewal in 18months- 2 years when it is due.  You don’t have to be in Australia for this to happen, I know from dealing with my colleagues around the globe, that this happens constantly to their clients too.

So another warning to trade mark holders, if you get one of these renewal notices/invoices don’t pay anything to them.  Check with your Trade Mark Specialist/lawyer before doing anything.  It could save you from being ripped off.

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