Telstra and Airbnb are in an ongoing legal trademark battle over the tagline ‘Belong’.

Airbnb, a global Internet service company worth $US25.5 billion that connects customers with homeowners who want to rent out spare rooms, first tried to trademark the tagline “Belong anywhere” in Australia in October last year.

However, Telstra recently lodged an attempt to prevent the company from using their global tagline in Australia. The likely cause of their opposition is Telstra’s budget broadband company,named Belong, which was launched back in October 2013.

Trademark battles aren’t limited to large corporations with lots of money and power. Trademarking opposition (or having a competitor steal your brand or business reputation) can affect anyone and canhave devastating effects, especially for small to medium businesses.

To avoid the serious legal and financial repercussions of a trademark battle, ensure that you have proper protection through a fully registered trademark. With a registered trademark, the provisions of Australia’s IP laws will be on your side if a competitor starts trading off the business reputation you have worked hard to earn.

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