Trade Mark Application (through to and including Registration )

Category: Trademark Information

Stage 2:

Depending on the recommendations contained in the Initial Protection Review and Strategy Report, we file the appropriate application best suited to your trade mark.
Depending on the type of trade mark application filed, the Trade Marks Office examines trade mark applications in order of filing approximately 3 months after lodging an application.
We can also assist in having the application process fast-tracked to having an examiner review the intended application and get back to us within 5 working days.
If the examiner has any objections to registration of your mark, a report will issue and you will initially have 15 months to overcome those objections.
We can help with overcoming these objections where possible.
If the objections have been overcome, the application is accepted by the Australian Trade Marks and advertised for two months to allow for third party opposition to registration of your mark.

Assuming no one opposes registration of your mark, then the trade mark will be registered and the Australian Trade Marks Office will issue a formal certificate of registration for a 10 year period.

If an opposition is filed, we can liaise with a lawyer to assist you with this event. (Note that only a small number of oppositions are filed compared to the number of applications filed)

TIMEFRAME: Around 48 Business working hours to file the application and then around 7-8 months from filing date