Pinnacle TMS

Protecting Your Business

Did you know? Having a competitor steal your brand or business reputation can be devastating, especially for small or medium businesses. Without the proper protection that a fully registered trademark provides, it can be very difficult and extremely costly to defend your business reputation or brand in court. There is always the risk that you will not win and whoever is trading off your business reputation will be able to continue to do so.

Registering your trademark is the best way to protect your business identity. With a registered trade mark, the provisions of Australia’s IP laws will be on your side if a competitor starts trading off the business reputation you have worked hard to create.

If your business or product name is not registered, you do not have the full suite of rights under IP law to protect your trademark if another business tries to start using your name. Getting a trademark registered can be a tricky process, but with assistance from Pinnacle TMS it is as easy as possible and stress free. We can do everything for you, from conducting the trademark search at the beginning of the process, right through to renewing trademarks after their 10 year registration period has expired. We can take the hard work out of it for you.

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