A Bit of Background

I had been working in top tier law firms for over 20 years in brand registration and trademark portfolio management, both in Australia and Internationally, with most of my clients being large corporates with household names turning over billions of dollars. During that time I gained extensive experience in all aspects of trade mark registration and renewal and had a well-known reputation in my industry.

However, like most corporate escapees, I enjoyed the work but not so much the environment I was working in, so I began to look for a change. What I saw was a gap in the trade mark services provided to small to medium sized businesses.   There appeared to be  BIG lack of trade mark services to this group so I took the plunge in 2010 and created Pinnacle TMS Pty Ltd to focus on helping this group of business owners who were risking their businesses by not trademarking their brands.

What are we doing differently to help you?

What I saw was a lack of knowledge of the risks small business owners were taking and also the lack of advice given to this group. So to help small businesses I wanted to make a difference and began:

  • Networking with your advisors eg accountants, non-IP lawyers, business advisors, graphic artists (who create your brands) letting them know of our services so that they can highlight these to you to protect your brands.
  • Networking with small businesses owners to provide personal trade mark services at a reasonable cost – we know you don’t have big budgets like large corporates.
  • Setting up fixed fee schedules so you know how much to budget for over the 8 months or longer trade mark application process.
  • Providing our clients with large law firm trade mark services, gathered through over 20 years of trade mark experience doing only trade mark work, for a suburban company price
  • We don’t have high rental fees and large staff costs to offset.
  • Providing options and strategies on each brand for filing trade mark applications via our Initial Protection Review and Strategy Report, so you understand and can be part of the trade mark process for you to own and protect your brands.
  • Using an extensive international network of contacts gathered over 20 years, so can register your brand not only in Australia but in any country around the world.
  • Managing our client’s trade mark portfolio to make sure no marks are lost and the information is consistent – a very important point for holders of a number of trade marks.
  • Providing our clients with recommendations and added services such as renewal services and assignment services, both in Australia and overseas

Most importantly, unlike a lot of law firms, the person you are dealing with through the long trade mark application process is the same person who knows you and your brand. The work is not performed by several people, increasing costs, and we make it easy for our clients to pay by offering credit card options.

As many of you know, I wrote a #1 Amazon Best Selling Book called “Trademarking Your Business” which answers the 10 most common questions I get asked from small business owners. I’m very proud of this book and would certainly not have written it had I stayed in my corporate role. Here is the link  http://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B00AMAN9WY

What is Changing in this new decade of 2020?

Moving into a new decade is exciting so we thought it would be a great idea to update our brand after nearly 10 years. So during 2019 we worked on bringing a refreshed brand to our marketplace with a new website and all that goes with launching a new or refreshed brand. We hope you like it and would love to have your comments on what you think. Can we improve in any areas? Any input on this gratefully received.

We want to excel in providing Trade Mark Services to You

So we will continue to provide prompt, efficient and cost effective trade mark services to current, returning and future clients under this refreshed brand into 2020 and beyond.

I am often referred to as ’the trade mark lady’ when meeting new/potential clients and value being the go-to person for trade marks. By offering you top services for reasonable fees, we gain more clients to help own and protect their brands to increase the value of their businesses. A win-win position – what could be better!?