The UK’s EU referendum seems to have stopped the world. Whilst While people are either protesting or celebrating some are trademarking. An ingenious and quick-witted applicant has decided to register the term “English BrexitTea” at the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

The EU (European Union) is a partnership involving 28 European countries.  The reasoning behind this partnership is for economic and political alliance. However the UK held a referendum in order to decide whether to remain in the Union and on Thursday the 23rd of June the UK leave won by 52% to 48%. In spite of this results, due to the Libson Treaty, the UK will not be able to leave for at least two years,

This event has used the term ‘Brexit’ heavily in order to cover and publicise this issue.

The applicant company has decided to create merchandise following this current news affair event.

The company wanting to trademark the term is based in Wedal, Germany. The application for the trademark ‘English Brexit Tea’ was filed covering a variety of goods and services such as tea leaves, kettles and tea pots to name a few. The same company has also applied for the term “Brexit Tea”.

In times like this we can see the importance of trademarking and how it relates to our everyday life. Trademarking protects a business and in this case gives it the rights to capitalise on this particular current event. But as well as this gives it a strong foundation in order to grow.