One important business decision that every owner should make is to trademark his or her business name. Unfortunately, many skip this step, as they believe it is something that they can do later down the track, but often, that is when it’s too late.

If you are deciding whether or not to invest in trademarks for your business, either the business name or for a new product you are releasing, here are 3 reasons why you definitely should.

1. It helps customers identify your business service or product.

Having a trademark can mean that your customers will be able to easily recognise your brand. As your trademark represents your business, they can see it and know that it is your business and brand that they are using. This is especially important as your business and reputation grow.

2. It protects your business.

You wouldn’t leave your house unlocked when you got out and you wouldn’t leave your email open without it being password protected, so why wouldn’t you protect your business and brand the same way? Trademarking your business name or product means that you secure it from the threat of any competitors using your brand and stealing your customers and ideas.

It also means that they can’t take advantage of the strong reputation that you have built for yourself and your business. Unfortunately, there have been stories where competitors have capitalised on another business owner’s hard work and effort and stolen their customers right from under their nose. This easily could have been prevented through trademarking the business name and/or product name.

3. Avoid infringing the rights of a competitor’s business.

To trademark your business name or product name, you have to complete research to ensure that your brand is not too similar to anyone else’s. Doing so will give you the all clear that you are not copying another business, unintentionally or not, so you know you are safe from other business owners potentially suing you for infringing on their rights. This gives you peace of mind to invest in growing your brand.

Do you need help trademarking your business name or product name?

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