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Trademark Information

Trade Marking

Registration of an Australian trade mark gives the registered owner exclusive rights to use of the trade mark throughout Australia. It also provides the owner with the right to take legal action against another person/company which uses a mark that is the same or substantially… Read more

Protecting Your Business

Did you know? Having a competitor steal your brand or business reputation can be devastating, especially for small or medium businesses. Without the proper protection that a fully registered trademark provides, it can be very difficult and extremely costly to defend your business reputation or…

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Trade Mark Cost

The cost depends on the number of trade marks and the number of classes covered by an application. Currently one mark in one class you could pay around AU$1,600.00 for 10 years protection with no further fees payable during that time. Contact us for a… Read more

Book – Trade Mark Secrets

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21 Tips To Keeping Your Brand Safe!

Book – Trademarking Your Business Trademark Secrets – 21 Tips To Keeping Your Brand Safe! When it comes to trademark infringement, what you don’t know CAN hurt you! This book…

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